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Martin White is a duly appointed Healer of the Spiritual Pathway Healing Association

Registered No. H166. He is also a Healer Practitioner for the Corinthian Church and Healing Association Registered Charity No. 1069061 Membership No. H1493.



Healing works on four levels

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental

Healing can and will take place where there is a need and most importantly where there is willingness to get better.

Healing can aid and even dissolve all kinds of ailments from minor ailments such as tiredness and general aches and pains.


In a couple of incidents I have know Distant Healing to be very effective.

Also Surrogate Healing for instance a Mother or a Father can have Healing for their son or daughter this works especially well where the children are very young.


Meditation gorup on Thursday at 8pm
Away to relieve stress.
Self awereness group on Tuesday at 8pm
For those who feel they have more to offer, but don't know how.

Fully fitted mobile home, sleep up to 6 people for resting and rejuvenation

The White Rose Sanctuary now offers respite for those who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day living. The White Rose is situated in a quite rural area with no passing traffic and no other noises - if you don't mind the birds - we offer the quiteness of the country. Reading, Healing, Back or head massage can be arranged. For all information contact us on this web site.



A Medium working in the right way is also a Healer and can do great work to bring closer to a situation. (They can vary from one to another)


I had some one came for a Reading one time, her Aunt came through for her to tell her that her daughter was fine and she was looking after her. This person said that was all I came for and I am happy now. The Medium can also bring guidance as to what is going on in your life.

Excepting that the spirit world will never interfere with your free will you must ask for yourself.


Development (Medium)

Most people have the ability to become a Medium it takes time and patient and a wiliness to serve.
This process can be long or short depending on the person, dedication is a must. To be able to work on your own it is important to have spent a good deal of time in Circle.


This Development process is available at The White Rose Healing Sanctuary where you can work in the safety of the sanctuary and have the support you need until you are confident with all aspects of your work as a Medium.


Spiritual Church Service

Spiritual Church Service


Spiritual Church Service is an up lifting Service which is 1 hour long and will leave you in a good space to face the week ahead it also brings proof of life after death.

Angel Readings Ireland

Angel Readings


Working with Angels brings upliftment and proof that they really do know what is going on and they bring the right help to you in any given situation.

Palmistry Readings Munster



Palmistry will bring solid information on your life and all that it has in store for you.

Tea Leaves

Tea Leaves


Tea Leaves (Reading the Cup) can be another nice way to connect to some one and will bring a lot of detail about your life.

Rune Readings

Rune Readings


Runes readings go deep into what is needed for someone working through issues. It helps development and can be quiet a deep reading.

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